FAQ - Gelixer Collagen

What is Collagen?

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein. It is one of the major constituent elements in the makeup of the human body. Collagen plays an important role in connecting cells, supporting them, and creating external extremities. Collagen is found throughout supporting tissues, which act to support and interconnect other tissues within the body. In other words, we can thank collagen for the structural framework of our bodies.

Where in the body is collagen mostly found?

By weight ratio, the human body is roughly made up of 4 kg of Collagen.

After the age of 20, collagen starts deteriorating in our body and should be supplemented to fight symptoms of aging like joint pain, skin wrinkles, hair loss, etc.

About 40% of collagen is present in the skin, about 10-20% in bones and cartilage, and the remainder is distributed in blood vessels and internal organs.

What are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen Peptides are Proteins with functional benefits. Consuming collagen peptides will help us with the benefits of Protein plus improving the health of skin, joints, muscle, cartilage and more.

Created through enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen, collagen peptides are a bioavailable form of collagen, are highly water-soluble and non-gelling. Collagen Peptides contain greater than 90% protein.

Why do people actually consume Collagen?

If you want to slow the onset of ageing effects, one very important step you can take is to reconsider your lifestyle. You may also find it necessary to obtain outside sources of collagen peptides in the form of health foods.

What is hydrolyzed collagen? What is the benefit of this?

There are Collagen, Gelatin and Collagen Peptides. We commonly call Collagen Peptides as Collagen and hence the confusion. Collagen is found in animal body parts. When they are partially hydrolyzed, we get Gelatin. When they are full hydrolyzed, we get Collagen Peptides.

Collagen Peptides are clinically proven to fight aging with skin, bone & joint health benefits.

How to select a good Collagen Peptide?

The most important requirement is that peptides that act on the body get properly absorbed and reach the target cells. In ensuring this, what matters is not the raw materials and their molecular weights but the manufacturing methodology, such as how enzymatic degradation occurs. That said, differences in manufacturing methods are not exactly simple for consumers to understand. Hence, it is very important to ascertain if the manufacturer of a particular supplement is reliable. Gelixer Collagen is your best choice!

How much collagen do we need daily?

5 to 20 gm is recommended daily, which will provide 4 to 18 gms of protein.

What are the different types of collagen, and what are they good for?

First, we have different collagen based on the animal source mainly fish, bovine & porcine. We can source collagen from different body parts of the animal. Thus we have type 1 (sourced from bone or scale), type 2 (sourced from cartilage), type 3 (sourced from skin) and more. Type 1 and Type 3 collagen sourced from fish, bovine and porcine are the most studied and clinically proven collagen for Skin, Hair, Nail, Bone & Joint health.

Is 70 too late to take collagen?

No age is too late for collagen

How long should I take collagen supplements?

Ideally, you need to take it forever. That is the only way to fight natural loss of Collagen in your body.

Is daily intake of Collagen Peptides required?

It has been found that after you ingest collagen peptides, they travel throughout your body via the bloodstream, issuing commands to the bones, joints and skin along the way. However, these commands are thought to dissipate in a matter of a day or two. To ensure efficient metabolism, it is necessary for commands to vitalize cells of the body to be issued continuously. To this end, it is important to develop a regimen of taking collagen peptides every day.

Can Collagen cause stomach pain or bloating?

An average adult requires 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight. Collagen Peptides are rich in protein (more than 90% proteins). So the recommended dosage (10 gm) of Collagen Peptides provides you 9 gm of protein per day against the requirement of ~50 gm protein.

Bloating due to protein is very common. Protein bloating is the buildup of gas in the intestines when eating protein. It can cause discomfort, gas, and a feeling of fullness.

Since collagen peptides are rich in protein, it is important to plan the regular diet.

  • Consumers can decrease regular diet portions if they want to reduce or maintain their body weight.
  • Consumers can increase regular diet portions if they want to increase their body weight.
  • It is recommended to have Collagen Peptides 1 hour before lunch or dinner. Due to the feeling of fullness, consumers will naturally reduce their regular diet portions. That way, consumers will not be inconvenienced.

We recommend you two things,

  1. Ensure that you are taking Gelixer Collagen 1 hour before lunch or dinner
  2. Start with a small quantity (1 spoon / 5 gm). Increase/decrease the intake by looking at how your body is responding to it.

We are sure you will start liking the product and its results if you can follow the above recommendation.

Does collagen help with weight loss?

Collagen Peptides are more than 90% protein. Consuming protein keeps you feeling full, helping you reduce your food/calorie intake. Collagen Peptides are rich in amino acids, shown to boost metabolism. Collagen Peptides also help to build and maintain lean muscle mass. All of this will lead to weight loss by consuming Collagen Peptides.

Does veg collagen powder really work?

It is better sticking to animal origin collagen which provides collagen supplement. The Veg options are not collagen. They are “collagen builders or boosters”. Please do buy only collagen peptide which has to be animal origin.

Where can I find more detailed information about Collagen?

Please check the Goodness of Collagen page

More about Gelixer Collagen

What makes Gelixer Collagen so unique?

Gelixer Collagen products contain 8 of the 9 essential amino acids and are high in proline, glycine and hydroxyproline. Due to the high content of specific amino acids and key di-peptides, including hydroxyproline-proline and hydroxyproline-glycine, Gelixer Collagen products are easily absorbed within the body to improve skin, joint and bone health.

Is Gelixer Collagen hydrolyzed?

Yes, Gelixer Collagen is hydrolyzed.

How about the Bioavailability of Gelixer Collagen?

Bioavailability refers to the ability of a substance to be absorbed and utilized within the body. Through our proprietary hydrolysis process, Gelixer Collagen products are clinically proven to be highly bioavailable.

What is the source of Gelixer Collagen?

We predominantly use Fish Collagen Peptide. We also use Bovine Collagen Peptide. Please check the ingredients section on the product.

Are your products Halal and Kosher certified?

Yes. Please check the description section on the product.

Is Gelixer manufactured by Nitta Gelatin?

Yes! Gelixer Collagen is manufactured and marketed by Nitta Gelatin India Limited, the subsidiary of Nitta Gelatin Inc., Japan.

Do you have an FSSAI licence or approval?

Yes! We hold an FSSAI Central Licence No. 10013041000314

How should I store Gelixer Collagen?

Close the lid tightly after use. Store in a cool and dry place away from the sunlight. Check the product label for more details.

Where can I buy Gelixer Collagen?

You can buy from www.gelixer.com and other leading e-commerce websites.

I am new to Collagen. What product should I start with?

Gelixer Collagen Classic

Is the Cash on Delivery (CoD) option available?

Yes! Please select at the checkout page.

Will my disease get cured?

The product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. Not for Medicinal Use.

What should I do if I experience an allergy?

If you experience any allergy or unexpected responses after using this product, please stop the consumption and consult your physician.

Any side effects?

Collagen Peptides are clinically proven to support Joints, Skin, Nail and Hair health. There are no side effects.

Gelatin vs Collagen

Are gelatin and collagen the same thing?

They are not the same. Now please read this carefully. Collagen is a raw form of protein. Partially hydrolyzed collagen is called gelatin. Fully hydrolyzed collagen is called collagen peptides. One thing to note here is people commonly call “Collagen Peptides” as “Collagen”. So, in common parlance Collagen are made by further hydrolysis of gelatin.

Does consuming gelatin give the same health benefits as collagen?

No! Collagen is the common name used for Collagen Peptides. Collagen Peptides are hydrolyzed gelatin which increases bioavailability. Hence Collagen Peptides cannot be replaced with Gelatin for health benefits.

Gelixer Collagen for Joints

Does Gelixer Collagen reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis?

Yes, Gelixer Collagen Peptides are clinically proven to rebuild cartilage thereby improving the quality of life for people with Osteoarthritis.

Which Gelixer product to be bought?

You can buy Gelixer CollagenPep in Vanilla & Orange flavour. This is bovine collagen.

There is Gelixer Classic in unflavoured option as well. This is fish collagen

How will eating Gelixer Collagen improve my arthritis when it is taken in the stomach?

Gelixer Collagen is absorbed in to the blood from stomach. You may check the video below for good understanding of the action in our body. https://youtu.be/kN3WVzwk6lc

Is it useful for grade 4 osteoarthritis people?

Gelixer is found to be very effective for people in grades 1 & 2. It is found helpful for fewer people in grades 3 & 4. Still, we recommend taking Gelixer. There is a good chance of Gelixer helping people even in stage 4.

Gelixer Collagen for Skin

Does Gelixer Collagen reduce wrinkles?

Collagen Peptides are clinically proven to improve skin health by reducing wrinkles.

Does Gelixer Collagen promote skin elasticity?

Yes! You may check the video below for a good understanding. https://youtu.be/cnW157zdTV8