Fight Aging with Gelixer Collagen

Collagen Peptides are clinically proven to fight aging by rebuilding & rejuvenating skin, hair, nail, bone, joints, cartilage, muscles, tendon and more. Gelixer Collagen provides our body with the necessary amino acids to promote collagen production, which helps improve skin elasticity, reduce joint pain, improves hair growth and strengthen bones, joints and nails.

Gelixer Collagen - #1 Collagen Brand in India - is manufactured and marketed by the Indian subsidiary of Nitta Gelatin Inc., Japan. Over 100 years, Nitta Gelatin has relentlessly pursued research and product development focused on collagen. With operations across the globe and holding over 127 patents, Nitta Gelatin is one of the largest manufacturers of Collagen Peptide in the world.

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What is Collagen? Why do people take Collagen? Will Gelixer Collagen help me?

There are many questions. You can find all the answers here.

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  • Clinically Proven

    Claims are Clinically Proven with Gold standard human clinical studies.

  • Supple & Smooth Skin

    Reduces wrinkles and improves moisture, elasticity, texture and clarity of skin.

  • Shiny & Bouncy Hair

    Improves shine, thickness and growth of hair.

  • Flexible Joints

    Rebuilds cartilage reducing joint pain due to Osteoarthritis. Promotes flexibility of joints.

  • Strong & Healthy Nails

    Reduces brittleness and improves strength & growth of nails.

  • Protein Rich

    Collagen Peptides are hydrolyzed proteins (>90%) with functional benefits for more muscles, Stronger bones & joints.


Experience the Groundbreaking Benefits of Gelixer Collagen Peptides for Radiant Skin and Strong Joints.

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Customer Testimonials