Trade Enquiry Partnering with us

Nitta Gelatin India Limited (NGIL) invites you to become a partner in its mission to provide relief to thousands of people suffering from osteoarthritis. To spread the revolution of HappyKnees, we invite you to join hands with us as a HappyKnees Advisor. As a HappyKnees Advisor, you will be spreading the awareness of Gelixer amongst your friends and relatives who may be suffering from knee pain and enabling them to try Gelixer to combat their knee pain. Apart from getting the heartfelt thanks and goodwill of your community, as a HappyKnees Advisor, you stand to gain in terms of money too. The more people you help, the more money you make. Truly, it is a wonderful way to set up your business. NGIL will help you with providing information on osteoarthritis and Gelixer. Moreover, NGIL will also support you on specific consumer queries.

Following are the terms and conditions to become our HappyKnees Advisor

For trade enquiries/distributor enquiries, please contact us on Tel: +91-9387-22-23-24

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