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Gelixer® CollagenPep™ For Healthy Joints !


  • AvatarMr. Anirban Sen(Position) West Bengal

    I have purchased 2 Packs of Collagen Pep for my friend Sharmistha  Bulger. She is so happy & impressed about this product. She can now walk smoothly after using this product. Hence, she wants to take it for long term use. 

  • AvatarMrs. Shylaja Dasan (Position) Kochi

    My name is Shylaja. I am 51 year old. I was suffering from knee pain and osteoarthritis for 3 years. I had taken several medicines and I was not able to bend my knees. I saw an advertisement of Gelixer® CollagenPep™ in Paper and TV. I used 6 bottles and now I can bend my knees. I recommend Gelixer® CollagenPep™ to people who cannot bend their knees
    -- Mrs. Shylaja Dasan, Karuvelippady, Kochi

  • Avatar krajivan (Position) Mumbai

    Currently my mother is taking the powder for the 2nd month only, she does find relief to some extent, but to know the full impact I think another month’s course has to continue.
    --, Mumbai

  • Avatar Asma Hafeeza (Position) (Place)

    I have tried Collagen peptide and with the Grace of ALLAH, I found it very effective. I used to get knee pain very often, but now ALHAMDULILAH, it has reduced a lot. I took Collagen Peptide for a fortnight first and then I stopped it for a month. However I have been taking it regularly for a month now. My mother too used it, but she didn’t feel much improvement, it could be because, she didn’t take it for more than 15 days. I intend to give it to her continuously for at least 2 months. I'm happy with this collagen peptide.
    -- Asma Hafeeza

  • Avatar Mr.T.Ravi (Position) (Place)

    I am 63 years old and I had been suffering from osteoarthritis since my adolescence. The pain in my right knee used to be so severe that some nights sleep would be impossible without a large dose of painkillers. After starting on Gelixer®, I noticed a positive change within 15 days. I am continuing its use. I also understand from browsing through internet that collagen has good anti-ageing compound